What to Do If You Have a Dental Emergency

What to Do If You Have a Dental Emergency

You may think that keeping your smile safe is an easy task. But you'd be incorrect. Accidents happen all the time, and when a sudden injury affects the facial area, this can be detrimental for your teeth and gums. root canal

A dental emergency occurs when a toothache develops, one or several get knocked out of place, an object gets stuck in-between, or if problems develop in the lip, tongue, or jaw. At Malouf Family Dentistry, our dentist can help you address mild or significant trauma promptly to prevent infection and further damage. Dr. Sam Malouf offers immediate assistance in our St. Clair Shores, MI office for nearby residents.

What to Do If You Have a Dental Emergency

During a dental emergency, the first thing you should do is call our St. Clair Shores, MI, office. Typically, they aren't life-threatening, but pain, discomfort, bleeding, swelling, and so on, should never be ignored or left untreated. Meanwhile, different types of injuries require various measures of attention.

If a tooth is hurting, chipped, cracked, or broken, rinse the mouth with warm water and use cold compresses to reduce swelling. Save a knocked-out tooth, and keep it moist when possible, and don't forget to bring it to the visit. Ultimately, depending on your unique situation Dr. Malouf will provide the best solution possible to preserve your natural teeth and ensure that no complications arise.

When you encounter a dental emergency, seek help from our dentist immediately. Dr. Sam Malouf will use appropriate treatment measures after assessing the situation. At the first sign of a cracked, chipped, knocked out, or broken tooth, as well as a loose crown or implant, visit us immediately. We also serve residents of Harper Woods, Eastpointe, Warren, Roseville, Fraser, Mt. Clemens, Clinton Township, Grosse Pointe, Harrison Township, and neighboring areas.

For more information about emergency dentistry, and other services provided by Malouf Family Dentistry, visit our website or call (586) 772-9020 for an appointment in our St. Clair Shores, MI office.

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