• Ease up on your gums — don’t brush your teeth too hard!
    A lot of patients go at their teeth like they were sanding an old floor—that is to say, way too hard! Brushing too hard is probably the most common mistake Read more
  • Dental X-rays and Your Child
    We’re parents, so we worry. It comes with the job description! That’s why we make sure our children use toothbrushes with soft bristles and apply just the right amount of Read more
  • Is it possible to over brush?
    Our team at Malouf Family Dentistry will tell you brushing on a regular basis is critical for a healthy mouth, but you can definitely overdo a good thing. Known as Read more
  • Hot Day? Three Drinks to Leave Home When You’re Packing the Cooler
    Whew! It’s a hot one! And whenever the temperature soars, you need to stay hydrated, especially when you’re outside or exercising. But all cold drinks aren’t equal when it comes Read more
  • What is Remineralization?
    “What is the strongest substance in the body?” If this question comes up on trivia night, be prepared to impress your team when you confidently answer, “Tooth enamel!” Tooth enamel? The Read more
  • Top Five Ways to Improve Heart Health
    While there is no definite evidence that if your prevent gum diseases, like periodontitis, that you may be able to prevent a heart condition or heart disease. The only thing Read more
  • What causes tooth loss?
    When children lose baby teeth, it’s a time to rejoice. But when adults suffer from tooth loss, it may be a sign of a serious problem. That’s when it’s time Read more
  • Summer Dental Health? Get into the Swim of It!
    On a sizzling hot day, there’s not much that makes us happier than heading to the water for a quick swim, some gentle laps, or even a rousing game of Read more
  • Happy Fourth of July!
    Happy Independence Day from the doctor and team! The Fourth of July celebrations in America may have changed a lot over the years, but there is no doubt that we Read more
  • Do You Have A Cavity?
    Sometimes cavities are hard to avoid. Our team at Malouf Family Dentistry wants you to know you aren’t alone when it comes to getting cavities. They can appear in both Read more
  • What is gingivitis, and how can I treat it?
    Gingivitis is an early stage of gum disease that results when bacteria in your mouth cause inflammation in your gums. This is a common condition, and you can treat it Read more
  • Family Dentistry
    Get to know our St. Clair Shores dentist and the quality dentistry he promises your family. When it comes to choosing a dentist, we know that it is an important decision. Read more
  • The Importance of Having a Family Dentist
    Find out how our family dentist can provide you and your family with the dental care they need. Your family deserves the very best, especially when it comes to their health. Read more
  • Improve Your Smile with Invisalign
    A beautiful, straight smile brightens your outlook and tells people about your personality. If you need orthodontic correction but did not receive it as a child or teen, Invisalign aligners Read more
  • What to Do If You Have a Dental Emergency
    You may think that keeping your smile safe is an easy task. But you'd be incorrect. Accidents happen all the time, and when a sudden injury affects the facial area, Read more
  • The Benefits of Invisalign
    Invisalign is a great option when it comes to straightening your smile. It is available at Malouf Family Dentistry in St. Clair Shores MI where our dentist, Dr. Sam Malouf, Read more

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